Congregation Beth Messiah values children tremendously.

Using the Word of God as the textbook, weekly lessons are presented in a context best suited to a child’s level of understanding. Special effort is made to approach the text not only at an age appropriate level, but also to accommodate the special needs of each individual child. All Shabbat School teachers honor and uphold the Messiah as the one true Rabbi (teacher).

Grades 1-6

Archeologists. That's what our students are. As we travel through the Bible, we stop in each book to:

                *dig for artifacts,

                *discover people,

                *find Yeshua.

We meet every Saturday morning during sermon time. Teaching is directed through various learning centers:

                     *snack and story




                       *Bibles verses


                       *question and answer time (based on Creation books for children)


Discovering God's secrets is most exciting and rewarding!


Pre-K to K

Shalom & welcome to our Preschool Shabbat program where children will learn about God and His Son, Yeshua (Jesus) and His love for them; great Bible patriarchs & and other Bible characters; Godly values; and our wonderful Jewish holidays. Action songs, Bible stories, coloring and craft activites will make learning fun and memorable. Class meets every Shabbat, except on the first Saturday of the month. We look forward to meeting you!

Shalom, Karen Witzke